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Like this site and want to get more involved? Here are three things you can do:

Post a comment or send us feedback/questions at Our hope is to make this blog not only a place to read opinions, but for our readers to contribute to a discussion.

Meet the Baha’is in your area and attend an event. We Baha’is are small in number, but you can find at least a small community pretty much anywhere you look around the globe. And many individuals who do not identify themselves as Baha’is but respect the message of the faith are regulars at Baha’i events like prayer gatherings and study groups. Click here if you’re interested in finding the Baha’is in your area.

Become a Baha’i. The Baha’i Faith is young (dating back to the mid-1800s). That means that every Baha’i you meet comes from some other religious background, whether that be Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, or some other tradition. The most important part of being a Baha’i is believing in God and in Baha’u’llah as God’s messenger for this day and age. If you feel like you want to become a Baha’i, click here.


One thought on “Get involved

  1. “Sir Edward of Hollison”, that was a poignant piece to read. I knew you weren’t writing about The D and The Ks, but was still a bit sad to read your (non-manipulative, reasonable) comments about the low readership you get. I’m fairly recent to this blog, and find your stuff interesting and enjoyable (this from a guy with little interest in economics). All the reasons you gave for low readership, though, apart from your willingness to accept that your writing may not be for all tastes, struck me as valid. My own blog putters along: I’m getting close to having made 700 posts over the last nearly 10 years, but I’m losing steam. In addition to some of your observations — who reads long-form stuff on click-bait-free topics? — I know that mine may be too diffuse. In addition to your comments on reading religion — I do write about it sometimes, though mine is not as clearly a “Baha’i blog” — mine likely suffers because, as even my wife says, it is about *all* the stuff I think and care about, which is a lot. (And I don’t have kitty GIFs.) While I worry about ploughing the same ground too often, I suspect it’s the opposite: hopping from sports to books to environmentalism to movies to sons to imprisoned Baha’is to education and back to sports likely makes my stuff un- (or maybe even anti-?) popular. (
    So I sympathize. I wish I could give you an unreserved “keep goin’ man!” or “hang in there” but I can’t put up much of an argument, I’m afraid. I’m going to try to ramp up again, if for no other reason than incentives to SIT DOWN and DO IT and feed my own thinking, but I’m far from sure this is a significant contribution to anybody but me. Thanks for your work, in any case.

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