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I’m the founder of Fruit Tree Blog, which I have written for since 2010. I started this site as a way to share my thoughts on how spirituality, goodness, and civic virtue affect our collective lives in practical ways.

Being a lifelong Baha’i, my faith naturally colors how I see the world and how I express myself in writing. For Baha’is, the fundamental solution to the world’s myriad problems is goodness and spirituality, to be expressed in practical ways in our day-to-day lives. Those problems won’t be sustainably fixed by the “right side” winning a power struggle or a hard-fought election, we believe. Rather, the solution is to focus on our own character and our own actions, and to build a new world from the ground up, starting with ourselves, our families, and our local communities.

You don’t have to be a particular race, social status, ethnicity, or anything else to be a Baha’i, nor do you need to believe in hocus pocus or pseudoscience. You just need to believe there’s a God out there — an “Unknowable Essence” that is personal, loving, and yet spiritual in nature — and that the point of our lives here on earth is service to others. That is the main point; the rest are details. See here for more info on the Baha’i Faith and getting involved.

I discovered economics as a freshman in college and never looked back. I don’t have a doctorate and hence don’t call myself an economist (I have degrees in business and international development), but it has been important for me as a lens through which to see the world, and it makes its way into much of what I write about.

I live with my wife and three children in the Boston, Massachusetts area, where I was born and raised. My parents are from Iran and came to the US in the 1970s. I’m a huge Boston sports fan, mostly basketball, football and baseball, in that order. I enjoy reading and watching movies, just like pretty much every other human. Otherwise, I do a lot of dad stuff which keeps me busy.

It’s a privilege to write this blog and I feel honored by my readers. Please feel welcome, be engaged, leave comments, whatever. Please also circulate the blog to others who might be interested.



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