Welcome to The Fruit Tree

This site is dedicated to discussion about the teachings of the Bahai Faith and their practical implications for the world. It is based on a conviction that solutions to our human race’s problems have both a material and a spiritual dimension, that these two dimensions are more closely connected than we think, and that the Bahai teachings are destined to make a huge impact in this area.

As someone with a passion for economics (I am somewhat hesitant to call myself an economist as I don’t have a PhD), a lot of this site is focused on the Bahai teachings in that area and what’s going on in the world of markets, economic policy, poverty, etc. And I can think of no other subject more in need of smart and practical infusion of spiritual energy.

Not a Bahai or unfamiliar with the Bahai Faith? You are welcome here and warmly encouraged to chime in.

Lastly, it is important to note that this website and any content posted on it do not represent any official or authoritative Bahai view. They are just the reflections and opinions of a single individual.

I hope you enjoy the site and visit often.

– Ron


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